What is Tinker's Cat Café?
Tinker's, the first cat cafe in Salt Lake City.
The Tinkers serves local catfee, catpuccino, camomeow tea.
Also you will find here gluten free non vegan Pastry Arts, Madeleines, Cakes and much more.

What do people say about the stay in the Tinker's?
Tinkers is rated on google maps with 4.6 by nearly 600 reviews!
Almost 7600 followers on Instagram speak for themselves
Definitely this is a must-visit when you are in the area.

Local Guide Kevin Bennet describes his Tinker's experience as very pleasant and says the cats are lovely, friendly, and playful.
A lot of toys keep the cats rolling - but demand hoomans to play with them.
Cats are for adoption, so if you find love in a furry friend there and they love you back, there is a possibility to give them a forever home.

The official FAQ, taken from the Tinker's Website:

Policies and FAQ
Q: Can children attend Tinker’s Cat Lounge?
children 8 and under can visit during children’s hour on Thursdays 5-6pm for $6/ea. per parent and child. Reserve online for children’s hour. We play kid music during the hour and have fun cat board games and books while visiting the adoptable kitties. Children 9 and older may come in anytime with an adult.

Q: How much is the cover fee?
There will be an $8 per hour cat lounge fee. Children 10 and under are $6. Children 3yrs old and younger are FREE.

Q: Can I adopt a cat or kitten from Tinker’s Cat Café?
A: Yes! Please do! You can adopt a kitty from our cat lounge. All kitties come from Salt Lake County Animal Services and are in need of a loving home. Every cat is vaccinated, micro chipped and medically sound.

Q: What about the cats well being?
A: The animal shelter selects the best cat candidates for Tinker’s Cat Lounge environment. Their health is checked before coming to Tinker’s. At Tinker’s Cat Café we provide a safe, and loving environment. Our main concern is the cats well being and to find a furrever home for them. There is an rea for “cats only” when a cat needs alone time from humans. Cat Cafe’s have made a tremendous increase in finding kitties there new loving homes all over the world.

Q: Can I bring in my cat?
No. Pretty simple. If you have a cat at home please keep them there until you get back home.

If you have any more questions, please head over to the website of the lovely Tinker's people and fill in the contact form, they are happy to answer you.

All images and photos by Tinker's Cat Cafe😻

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